Saturday, April 25, 2009

early bird

Waking up too early...maybe we can sleep. Lydia decided that being an early bird was going to be her thing today. So I found myself hanging out in the living room with her at 6 this morning. Above is a picture from this week when she was sleeping - so peacefully. :)

It's hard to believe that tomorrow she will be seven weeks! There not kidding when they say they grow too fast. I love that she has more facial expressions and has the biggest smile in the world - that of course captures my heart each time. What else is new: she is starting to coo - and Aaron likes to think he can make her say gaaa...

Today we have no plans - its funny how that works when you have a baby. We were going to look at a house, but seeing as it was sold yesterday that is no longer an option. Ah, I love days like this that the Lord so necessarily provides.

so. roll with the punches. laundry. coffee. go.

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